Solo Indie Game Developer | Freelance Game Dev For Hire


I am a full time indie game developer active since 2014. My forte is programming however I have over the years acquired some skills in other aspects of game development such as Game Design, UX, Project Management and a teeny bit knowledge about Art and Sound deisgn as well. I have wokred in multiple teams and have delievered some awesome video games. Now currently I am working as a solo indie developer under the name of Panchayat Studios dabbling with all the aspects of video game production cycle starting from idea generation to eventually releasing it out.

Apart from working on my own game projects, I also undertake freelance/project based work for a wide variety of game dev related services such as prototyping, gameplay programming, sdk integration, game design consultancy and a lot more. Feel free to contact me by dropping me a mail on maniacanshul[at] and lets take it from there.

I have worked on projects for multiple platforms such as mobile (both android and iOS), PC, Consoles and html based web games. I have worked with multiple game engines and framewrorks such as Unity, Godot, Phaser, Cocos2D, PixiJS and a few others.

Apart from being a game dev, I spend my time advocating digital privacy, playing all sorts of video games, learning new skills (currently audio and art production).