Anshul Gupta

March 27, 2015

Android Rooting.

Android Rooting

Before starting off directly with the topic, I would love to tell you that this happens to be my first blog and first ever article. Well I have decided to start with ANDROID because I am extensive android user. I have been using this operating system for more than three years and not only I have experienced numerous number of applications and features of it but I have also tweaked it in a lot of ways. So, I would like to share my knowledge with you. Well as you all know android happens to be an open source software, which means that anyone can access the source code and make changes however following the Google’s policy. So being just a user how can you use all those lovely extra features in your phone which are not provided by the phone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. The answer is simple…ROOT it!

So, what exactly is root or rooting your device?

Rooting a device means giving it the root access which than makes you the administrator of the device unlocking a tons of features. Its same as running an application as an administrator in windows. In brief, rooting your device gives you the freedom of doing whatever you want to do in software terms. For example if you are a Samsung user, I’m pretty sure that you are annoyed of the pre-loaded applications that Samsung releases its devices with like Chat ON or its own Samsung App Store and like these applications every manufacturer has their own set of useless applications (no offense). Well, if you root your device the least you can do is get rid of them. Cool isn’t it? Well in this article I’m not going to discuss the ways of rooting your device but I’ll try to tell you all the pros and cons of root.

Starting with the positive points of rooting:

  • As I told earlier you get the permission to uninstall the applications which are only occupying space and are of no use.

    Android Rooting

    Custom ROMs available for almost every android device out there.

  • Other than that what major changes you can do is install custom ROMs. Now the question is what are ROMs right? Well ROMs are the very basic software which your phone runs. Don’t confuse it with the Android itself. For example what Google provides in its own Nexus series is different from what HTC provides in its devices and what Samsung has to offer in its devices but they all are Android devices. I will discuss about ROMs in detail in the upcoming posts. So don’t worry even if you have a doubt, I’ll clear all of it very soon.

    Android Rooting

    Managing Overclocking and Underclocking

  • Now going into more technical aspects of rooting your device. You get the freedom of Overclocking your device and getting the best of performance. Similarly you can Underclock it when not in use to enhance battery life. Overclocking is boosting up the hardware like GPUs and Processors to give better performance rather than just average performance whereas underclocking is just the opposite of it, you Underclock and decrease the usage of GPUs and processors to stop unnecessary drainage of battery.

    Android Rooting

    Numerous apps that require root access

  • You get to install bonus applications. There a lot of useful applications which can only be used if the device is rooted. I’ll give example of my personal favourite app i.e. “GREENIFY”. I’m not promoting this application but it is a much needed application if you ask me. What it does is hibernates/force closes apps that are listed in it by the user once the phone goes to sleep and hence saving RAM and battery all the time. The user can also manually hibernate all the listed applications in just one touch clearing out RAM. This app is really affective and not like the other RAM cleaners and battery savers available which actually slows down the device.

    Android Rooting

    Greenify App

  • Other than these major features one can experience after rooting their android device they can also have the advantage of so many other miscellaneous features like installing a custom recovery which will help you in installing the custom ROM’s and also keeping complete backup of your device all the time.

Well these were the positive points of rooting your device. But every coin has its own other side so let’s not avoid the darker aspect of rooting.

Let’s talk about the negative points of rooting your device.

  • The major drawback is it voids your warranty. Yes if you root your device, it does not resides in the warranty box anymore. The manufacturers can and will deny to fix your device in case of any issues if it is rooted. But there is a silver lining that you can UNROOT your device whenever you want leaving no trace of ROOT behind, but this is not applicable for all the manufacturers especially for HTC there is no such thing as UNROOTING. So, rooting leaves your device at no warranty risk.

  • If you do not follow the steps of rooting properly there are slight chances that you will end up BRICKING your phone. What it means is, if anything wrong happens in the whole process of rooting, your operating system might crash and then you will have to spend a few extra bucks at the service centre to get it fixed. However depending on the situation there are a few methods to overcome SOFT BRICK manually too. But in most cases if the device is bricked, it’s hard to recover it yourself. So whenever you decide to root your phone, please read about the steps a few times and cross check it over various forums.

  • Rooting might introduce a couple of bugs and glitches.

As everything, rooting also has both negative and positive points. But according to me positive points beats the negatives big time.

Well I would recommend you to ROOT your device because it’s amazing. Android is such a vast system of its own having millions and tons of features you can explore.

Stay tuned for more such posts on android where I’ll be discussing topics like ROM’s and even the ways of rooting along with some great Android Applications reviews.

Well these are just my thoughts on rooting an android device which may be wrong. So feel free to tell me about it because I would love to correct myself and learn something new myself. If you have any thoughts or suggestions or queries feel free to mail me.

Meantime keep exploring your ANDROID!