Anshul Gupta

April 17, 2015

App review - Greenify


How Greenify works:

The user can add the list of apps she/he wants to force close when the device is not in use and greenify will do it for them in the background. Once the device gets into sleep mode i.e. when the screen is turned off, after a certain time, the greenify force closes (or as the app developers of greenify likes to call hibernates) all the apps listed in it which means that the user will no longer get any push notifications from those apps untill she/he again run the app manually. The main advantage of this app is that the user can always decide what all apps to be hibernated.

In one of my previous articles, I talked about limiting the background apps by accessing the option in the developer options of the android settings. The advantage of greenify over that method is that the user can decide the apps that she/he wants to hibernate unlike the android setting where the previous apps are hibernated every time a new app is used.

The good news:

Before sometime, the greenify was only allowed to the devices with root permission, but lately the developers of greenify have rolled out the non-root version of the app too. It obviously does not support all the features it does in the root mode, but it does the basic job the app is designed for.

I have been using the root version of the app since a very long time and let me tell you, it is really helpful. But lately I tried the non root version of the app too and it works just fine. The only thing that troubled me was that the non root version does not support auto hibernation i.e. the user have to manually hibernate the apps via greenify, whereas in the root mode, the app automatically hibernates the listed app when the device gets to sleep mode.

The app also has a "donation package" version which is paid and can be used on devices with or without root permission. The donation package is a paid version of the app which gives the user yet some more features on top of the free version.

Setting up the app:

For non rooted devices:

  • The free version of the app is available on play store along with the paid version which you can directly download and install.


    Adding apps to the list

  • Once you are in the app, you can add the apps that you want to get hibernated by tapping on the "+" sign on the top right.


    “ZZZ” to hibernate

  • Once you add the apps. you can hibernate them by tapping on the "zzz" button at the bottom right.


    Tap on force stop


    Tap on OK to force stop

  • As the device does not have the root access, the android will every time ask the user to force close the app and will pop up a screen similar to the following screen:


    Greenify option




    Switch ON this option

  • You have to tap on force close for every app that the greenify hibernates in order to hibernate the app which no doubt is very annoying. To get around this, you can do the following steps: "android settings-> accessibility -> greenify -> switch it on."

What it will do is, now when you hibernate the apps from greenify, it will still show the annoying screen but the system will automatically tap on force close for all the listed apps.

And now it's done. Every time you are running out of your RAM just go to greenify and hibernate the apps that are running in background but is of no use.

Tip: tapping on "zzz" button will hibernate all the listed apps, if you want to hibernate selected apps out of that, tap and hold and select them and then tap on hibernate.

For devices with root permission:

The setup is the same, the only plus point is, that you don't have to do the extra setting for avoiding the force close permission. As the device has the root permission, the app will automatically hibernate the apps too.

Extra features in the paid (donation package) version of the app:

  • GCM push: This option will wake up the hibernated app whenever a notification is received through that app.

  • It gives an option to hibernate even the system apps such as the keyboard, google play services, etc.

  • Telephony Wakeup: This option will wake a hibernated app, if the user receives a call or a sms through that app.

These are a bunch of useful features the user can access only if she/he gets the paid version of the app by paying to the developers. These features are worth paying for in my opinion.

Tested root version on:

Device : Micromax Canvas A116

OS: Android 4.2.1 (Jellybean)

Tested non-root version on:

Device : Motorola Moto G

OS: Android 5.0 (Lolipop)

If you guys have any other tips or tricks for the usage of this app let me know, also if you have any suggestions or corrections for me let me know by sending me an email.

Stay tuned for more articles on android and app reviews.

Meantime keep exploring your ANDROID!