Anshul Gupta

April 03, 2015

Performance tweaks for non-rooted devices.

Performace Tweaks

If you are an Android user and you are experiencing performance issues on your device, this article is for you. In this I’ll talk about maintaining the performance of your Android device if you are not willing to root it. As I explained in my last article if you root your device you can easily enhance your device’s performance, but you can do so even if your device is not rooted.

The majority of users as I know face the battery backup problems and its simply because they have a lot of applications running in background that drains their device’s battery real quick.

To overcome this issue, the main and foremost thing is to get rid of any so called battery savers as these are the applications that literally drain your device’s battery.

FACT: In android, battery is commonly referred to as “juice”.

Performace Tweaks

Various battery saver apps on play store

Instead of using these useless applications, you can follow the following tips for a better battery backup:

  • Keep your “screen brightness” setting on AUTO so that it will automatically lower your brightness according to the environment you are in and will save your device’s battery.

  • Keep your “screen timeout” setting to 1-2 minutes maximum as it is comfortable to use and also saves your battery by putting your device to sleep whenever it is not being actively used.

  • While charging do not use your phone heavily, it will result in quick charging and also greater battery backup.

  • Avoid using live wallpapers and useless widgets on the home screen or lock screen.

  • Keep your mobile data off when not in use.

Other than the battery issues if you are experiencing lags and glitches on your device you can try the following ways to keep your RAM clean.

  • First thing avoid any RAM cleaners available on the store as these apps run 24×7 on your device in the background to check the processes running and dynamically calculate the RAM usage and because of that these apps themselves occupy a lot of space in the RAM slowing your device’s performance.

    Performace Tweaks

    Various RAM cleaner apps on play store

  • Keep your home screen clean, use minimum of widgets and instead of live wallpapers use static images. This is same for a PC also, the cleaner your desktop faster is the bootup . Widgets eat up your RAM more than you can even imagine.

  • You can also use the settings provided by the android itself to force close your apps whenever not in use. To access the setting, first you have to enable the developer options which you can do the following way.

    • Devices Settings -> About Phone -> BUILD NUMBER (Tap 5-6 times on it)

      Performace Tweaks

      Developer Options tab in the settings menu

    • Get back to the device settings, now you should see developer options tab in it.

    • Go in to the developer options and scroll to the bottom till you see the following two options:

      • Don’t keep activities.

      • Background Process Limit.

        Performace Tweaks

        Developer Options

If you check “Don’t Keep Activities”, what it will do is force close every application as soon as you get out of it even by pressing the HOME button on your device and thus keeps your RAM clean all the time. But the only drawback here is, the apps will load themselves from scratch every time you open them which will take longer than usual and sometimes gets annoying with heavy apps such as Facebook or Instagram, etc.

If you go into “Background Process Limit”, this option allows you to set the maximum number of applications to run in the background i.e. if you set the option to 2, whenever you will open up a third app and minimize it, the very first app in the list will be force closed and third app will run in background. It keeps alive the last used apps and thus if you use an app again and again you can save the headache of going through the loading process of such apps.

Performace Tweaks

Background Process Limit

Well these are just my techniques for a better battery backup and good performance. If you have any more suggestions or tips for the same feel free to tell me about it because I would love to learn something new. If you have any thoughts or suggestions or queries feel free to mail me.

Stay tuned for more such posts on android where I’ll be discussing topics like ROM’s and even the ways of rooting along with some great Android Applications reviews.

Meantime keep exploring your ANDROID!