Current setup.

I have been an active internet user since 2007 and somewhere around the mid of 2017 I gradually started paying attention towards my digital privacy. Since I have become so accustomed to using these mainstream data hoarding services because of their ease of use(no doubt), I cannot take a leap in an instant and be on the other side of the river, the process has to be gradual and that's why the applications that I have ported myself to now does not guarantee 100% security and privacy but as one can say, go for the lesser of the two evils.

This is a list of services that I am using currently, will keep on updating as I go. I am leaving the "WHY" I started moving in this direction for some other later blog post.

October 2019 update.

The main idea is to always look for an open source option first before going for a mainstream proprietary software. Also one should do a basic research about the software/service before getting to using it and this is where the helpful internet community comes in. There are a lot of blogs and subreddits specific to finding good open source, privacy respecting softwares along with more detailed information such as alternatives, personal reviews, etc.

GMail -> Combination of protonmail and tutanota.

Youtube -> Freetube on windows and linux. NewPipe on android.

Google search engine -> DuckDuckGo.

Google Drive -> Combination of Dropbox and Syncth

Google Playstore -> F-Droid( whenever possible)

Google password manager -> Keepass

WhatsApp -> Telegram.

Chrome -> Firefox on windows and linux, duckDuckGo browser on android.

Removed Facebook and Instagram completely for privacy and better dopamine cycles.

Firefox Setup:

  • Allow DNS over HTTPS in firefox netowrk settings.

  • Extensions:
    • HTTPS Everywhere
    • Privacy Badger
    • uBlock Origin
    • uMatrix (Will break most websites by default. Little tinkering is required to make websites work.)