Live Story Experience

A working prototype was made for a live audience interactive story telling experience using a 3rd party library to read midi input on the local network in Unity.

The concept was there were two different applications build using Unity. One where the whole story visuals were running and the same instance was reading midi input over the network. The second application was on player's device which they can use to vote between multiple options when asked for in the story.

The main part of this whole experience was that the music for the whole story was being played from a third machine using Ableton Live and that was feeding the midi input to the first system. The person controlling the music was able to control how the story goes forward based on people's votes they receive on a dashboard. According to the votes, transition into a different mood by changing the music and also sending the particular midi output so the story progresses accordingly.

Fun fact the project internally was called DJ David Gupta.

Role :

  • Gameplay Programmer

Technology Used :

  • Unity
  • C#