Multiplayer Platformer

A working prototype was made for a local network multiplayer platformer using UNet framework in Unity.

The core architecture for the networking was a simple one. As soon as the game instance was loaded on a device, it would ask if there's already an existing server on the network looking for a match for n seconds. If found, it will connect to the server else it will make itself an active server and keep looking for server calls on the network. While the instance was waiting for a client to connect to, it will procedurally make a platforming level and store it in a string. As soon as the client was connected, it will pass the string to the client, the client will then use the seed to form the same level and the match would begin.

It was a simple race from A to B and an auto runner where the player only had to time her/his jump throughout the platforming section.

Role :

  • Gameplay Programmer

Technology Used :

  • Unity
  • C#