Snake is the first project of my kinda open source game series. The game's code is open source (not the engine) and is briefly commented as well.

I have been an active game developer since 2014 and have mostly used Unity as the game engine. When I first started learning out Unity, I did not make the essential games which everyone always should, while learning a new tech. Games such as Snake, Pong, Brick Breaker and so on. The idea behind is that one can focus more on leaning the tech/engine rather than getting stuck on the aspects of game design which usually is the case when working on a new project.

Recently due to burn out because of a lot of ongoing major and side projects I am a part of, I thought of making the above mentioned games for a change and only focus on the tech part of it and nothing else to keep myself in the loop of programming. I have only thought of these projects for my learning experience solely from the tech point of view so do expect a lot of programmer's art and sound in the project. I may write a blog post at the completion of this project briefly explaining why I did what I did.

Feel free to clone the repo or download the project and go through it, modify or even sell after making desired changes.

Role :

  • Solo Developer

Technology Used :

  • Unity
  • C#
  • Gimp