Spline Tool & Mesh Morphing

The objective of this experiment was to create the environment for a game concept. The environment had to be dynamic. The first approach that I tried was to create a custom mesh and manipulate it realtime. To achieve the meshes of various shapes, I ended up creating a spline tool within Unity to ease up the overall process. Use the spline tool to create bezier curves of the desired shapes, then at run time read points on these bezier curves to form meshes.

First step was to create a mesh on run time and manipulate it.

Second step was to use the spline tool to create the bezier curves and generate mesh on that.

Next up step was to move between these different shapes.

Use the tech created to achieve what was desired originally. While creating this particular transition from mountains to buildings, the creation of buildings via the spline tool got pretty tedious and hectic so I ended up writing a procedural generation algorithm to achieve the bezier curve for the buildings instead of doing it manually.

Final output with extra elements such as rain particle effects, flowing water and clouds.