Process Automation

When I first started learning out python, I did so by reading the official documentation and trying out a few commands myself. Soon I realized that it was the worst way to learn a new language. So I came up with the idea of automating some process of mine that I do daily using python. I named the entire project "Gareebo Ka Jarvis"(Poor Man's Jarvis) just for fun and even my private repo goes by this name.

Automation of playing music

For my first process automation using python, I came up with this simple idea of automating the process of playing music based on artist name as input. The idea behind was simple, I always have my music categorized in folders on the basis of artist name, so take artist name as string input to read the folder, make a list of all the song files within the folder and play one randomly.

Automation of file transfer

At the time of this I was working on an Android game using Unity engine. The game was late in it's phase, which required constant testing on the device and the team wasn't using Unity cloud building then, so the builds were made locally on my system and tested out on my device. The problem occurred when my connector cable got damaged and my phone was not being read by my system, so no build over the USB support.

The workaround for this I came up with was to upload the .apk file on the drive from my system, then download it on my phone and install and test. To ease up the process a little bit, I made a python script which was running in the background and checking for any changes on the specific .apk file and if there was any(a new build), it will automatically copy the .apk file onto the drive synced folder. So basically as soon as the build was completed, I would automatically get the build on my phone's drive app within a few minutes.

Automation of arranging folder

A script that I wrote which reads all the files in a folder and then places them in respective folders based on the extension of the files. I used this to automatically clean up and sort my downloads folder instead of manually doing it.